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I think one of the reasons MEMRI memes are so enjoyable to right-wingers is because it’s sort of a glance through the looking glass to a world where the overton window is so radically to the right of our normal experience that it’s surreal.

That plus the fact that the way they speak, hurling insults at each other, declaring their opponents infidels, defending without shame the likes of Saddam Hussein, getting into fist fights and hurling their shoes live on air, it’s refreshingly genuine compared to the media in the West.

Sure, Mossad made it so we’d see how savage Arabs are “in their own words,” but everything they say is just so outlandish that we’re almost forced to accept everything they say on their own terms, and that’s if the more reactionary among us don’t find what they’re saying to be honestly pretty agreeable.

Nah man. They’re just blunt refutations of the “all muslims are saints” bollocks that you get spammed with from the Guardian and the BBC. They’re fucking helpful for explaining to normies just why Islam isn’t like any other religion on Earth and shouldn’t be treated like a weird funny fad. It’s fucking dangerous and Memri highlights that.

If anything Memri DOES treat it like a weird, funny  fad.

You realise that while this is funny to us these people are entirely serious right? 

Who says I don’t take it seriously, too?






You do realize the woman was only stoned for n…

You do realize the woman was only stoned for not being a Virgin? The price of a Virgin is usually 100 shekels which is why when a woman was raped the rapist had to give 50 shekels to make up for the rest in case a man finds another suitor for his daughter. Non virgins are 50 shekels. She’s not stoned if the man knows. However if she lied or her father lied then there is punishment

hey thanks for adding some information about this. when it comes to misogyny in the bible, many believers just go deaf, dumb and blind and try to avoid the topic. it should be obvious to any sane mind that the bible is nothing more than a book written by sick men trying to keep women under control and subjugated.



Because of the insistence of virginity before …

Because of the insistence of virginity before marriage, the custom used to be that new husbands would show off the bloodied sheets to family and friends after the couples’ wedding night to prove his wife was a virgin. But because a hymen can break from several different reasons women who feared they might not bleed would gouge their thighs with their nails so they would bloody the sheets and not be shunned or killed. Scary

horrifying indeed. the question is, where does this systematic oppression of women in almost every religion come from? those writers of the “holy” scriptures must have been somewhat insecure and weak characters, that they feared their women would seek sexual pleasures elsewhere. so they invented ridiculous laws justified by their fictional gods to keep the control in spite of their sexual impotence.

conclusion: the basis for religion are limp-dicked prophets!

(hahaha, sorry, not really a scientific analysis)

historium: “We do not want to become the fourt…


“We do not want to become the fourth wife of a 60-year-old man, existing solely for his whim and pleasure.” A couple of the 15,000 Afghan women who took up arms with the Red Army against the Mujahideen. 1989





I will never ever agree with the narrative of hijab which supports the idea that it’s a “free choice” for women. It is NOT a free fucking choice for many of us. Let me tell you my story.

At the age of 3, my father placed a hijab upon my head and thus began the next 20 years of being forced to wear it.

I was a child. An innocent young child who just wanted to run in the playground and feel like every other 3 year old. But I wasn’t a normal young child. Looking back, I feel disappointed in my primary school teachers and the fact that they never questioned me or picked up on the fact that I was being emotionally abused into wearing it.

As I grew up and started developing, the hijab itsef made me ashamed of my hair and even ny body. I would cover my breasts and arms as much as I could with parts of the hijab because I was ashamed. It was only after my 1st year at university that I realised I was away from my abusive, controlling family and I could reinvent myself.

It took me 20 years to build up the courage and confidence to take it off. It took me 20 years to take off my shackles and chains. But now, I am finally free. So fuck those people who tell me Hijab is not oppressive. Fuck those people who force children and women to wear it. And fuck those people who are so far up religion’s ass to realise how damaging they are to other humans.

– Admin Z.