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July 14 2019 – A woman deplatforms famous Brazilian Catholic priest Marcelo Rossi, who has called homosexuality a disease.

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Cardinal George Pell loses appeal against conviction for child sex abuse:


The most senior Catholic official to be convicted of child sexual assault, Pell was sentenced in March to six years in prison, with a non-parole period of three years and eight months, for an attack described by Chief Judge Peter Kidd as “breathtakingly arrogant.”






A lot of Christians actually believe in evolution, and that the flood account was either allegorical or if it was real that it was an extremely localized event around the Mediterranean. Also the Big Bang theory was literally proposed by a Catholic scientist. Not only was he a scientist, he was also a priest

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glad you accept the fact of evolution, but evolution contradicts the story of adam & eve. and without adam & eve, there was no original sin, which leaves to explain what jesus actually died for, no? can you enlighten me there?

if genesis is allegorical, then i assume it is fair to say that god is also just allegorical and does not exist, right? or how do you determine what to pick and choose to be allegorical in the bible?

noah landed on mountain ararat, which is a mountain more than 5000 meter high and is not even close to the mediterranean sea. could you please have a go and explain the physics of such a ‘localized event’? and if it is an allegory; an allegory for what?

it is correct that a priest hypothesized the big bang (and he even derived it scientifically). but who says a priest can not do science? as long as you do not mix in religion or any other untestable superstition, there is nothing wrong with it. many great scientists (especially in earlier centuries) where religious. not sure where you are heading at. care to explain?


More like he didn’t want to know.




Pope Francis says Catholic Church sex abuse scandal shouldn’t be judged by today’s standards because everyone used to cover up crimes:


  • Pope Francis told reporters in Tallinn, Estonia, that everyone covered up sex abuse scandals in the past.
  • He suggested that it’s unfair to apply modern standards to the Catholic Church’s cover up.
  • His comments come amid Catholic Church sex abuse scandals worldwide, with the most recent revealing at least 3,677 children had been abused by priests in Germany between 1946 and 2014.

The Catholic Church should be shut down, now. #SellTheVatican