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Take the Build-a-Bear Double Standard Test: If you’re outraged by Build-a-Bear’s actions in this fictional scenario but defend what the Catholic Church has done for decades, then you’re a hypocrite with no sense of right and wrong and have no business lecturing atheists on morality. People who claim divine moral authority should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. Why is there a double standard? Why does the Catholic Church get a pass? If it was a Build-a-Bear scandal, people would burn the company to the ground. NEWSLETTER: – Support my work: Get Holy Koolaid Merchandise: + Check out my new podcast: + Twitter: @holykoolaid SUBSCRIBE + Please Subscribe to my channel: Science is greater than Dogma. Don’t Drink the Koolaid!





Catholic Priests Ran Child Porn Ring Out Of Pi…

Catholic Priests Ran Child Porn Ring Out Of Pittsburgh Diocese: undefined

religion-is-a-mental-illness: When you’re so d…


When you’re so desperate to defend pedophiles, you reveal you don’t know anything about your own superstitions.

Meanwhile Catholics – and Xtians – on Twitter are bending over backwards to blame an imaginary boogeymonster, rather than the humans who are to actually responsible:

These Are The Chilling Stories Of Abuse Covere…

These Are The Chilling Stories Of Abuse Covered Up By The Catholic Church:


Disgusting creeps!



Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Identifies 300 …

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Identifies 300 Predator Priests: undefined

‘I thought she was 15’: Accused pedophile prie…

‘I thought she was 15’: Accused pedophile priest says ‘the devil’ made him molest a child…:


“The disgraced priest told an Italian newspaper that he is “very sorry” about what happened, but argued that “the devil tripped me” into abusing the girl.

“I found out she was 11 years old…I thought she was at least 15,”
he told the newspaper.

Even if Glaentzer’s victim was 15, the priest
would still have broken the law. Italy’s age of consent is 16 when one
partner holds some kind of power and influence over the other, like a
priest or teacher does.

The priest, who the interviewer noted seemed totally unbothered by the ongoing criminal case, said that he has “entrusted myself to Jesus and Mary.”*

year it was revealed that almost 550 children in a choir led by the
brother of former Pope Benedict XVI were abused, with 47 of them raped.

Last month, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington DC, resigned, facing a litany of sex abuse allegations, including sexual abuse of an altar boy and rape of two young trainee priests.”

* Then arrest Jesus and Mary as well…as enablers and abettors…!