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Do you believe in magic (or higher science for lack of a better term) i.e. astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis and things of the sort? Heck, attaining immortality or something similar even? Not trying to sound condescending, just curious as to what you think about it because although I'm not in one secret societies seem to ascribe to trying to sell you these things.

hi there and thanks for your question 🙂

short answer:
no, i do not believe in any supernatural concepts.

long answer:
still no, but some things that have once been considered magic can now be explained by science. for example gods were invented to explain thunder and lightning. those gods died as soon as science came up with the correct explanation. there’s plenty of examples for phenomena that there is evidence for being real (we can hear thunder and see lightning) and can therefore be investigated by the scientific method: not once the correct explanation remained to be magic.

now, the supernatural concepts you mentioned have (to my knowledge) never come up with a single testable (and therefore falsifiable) shred of evidence but always remained in the land of belief / fantasy. sometimes believers of such concepts argue that “you can’t proof there is no telepathy”, which is a road to nowhere since you can’t proof a negative and thus you would need to believe in every unproven fantasy (”you can’t proof harry potter isn’t real”)

such supernatural concepts, even though not testable, usually contradict simple logic, are full of biases and fallacies and often just represent wishes (immortality, superpowers, etc.) or are derived from fears (monsters, zombies, etc).

phew, the answer has gotten longer than i wanted… but i hope i was able to shed some light on my standpoint. cheers

Hey bro Deuteronomy holds laws that only Jews have to follow, its also written more than a thousand years after the events occurred meaning that there is significant potential for corruption in the early Old Testament.. Most Christians really don’t put too much importance on the Old Testament (except American Evangelists and Fundamentalists which I’m thinking you’re very familiar with since I notice most American fedora tippers come from those retarded churches)

hey thanks for your message. absolutely agree with you. most religious people actually never read in the book of which they say they follow its teachings. just seems too cumbersome to read through all those pages that they build their whole life upon. this is true for old and new testament (since also the new one is just ridiculous). it is so much easier to filter it through “scholars” that make sure to keep their sheep in the flock by filtering out the nasty bits, the irrational bits, the contradictory bits, the incestuous bits, the simply false bits and the genocidal bits 😉

Hey! Kindly fuck off 🙂

short answer: no
long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

A lot of Christians actually believe in evolution, and that the flood account was either allegorical or if it was real that it was an extremely localized event around the Mediterranean. Also the Big Bang theory was literally proposed by a Catholic scientist. Not only was he a scientist, he was also a priest

hi there, many thanks for your question

glad you accept the fact of evolution, but evolution contradicts the story of adam & eve. and without adam & eve, there was no original sin, which leaves to explain what jesus actually died for, no? can you enlighten me there?

if genesis is allegorical, then i assume it is fair to say that god is also just allegorical and does not exist, right? or how do you determine what to pick and choose to be allegorical in the bible?

noah landed on mountain ararat, which is a mountain more than 5000 meter high and is not even close to the mediterranean sea. could you please have a go and explain the physics of such a ‘localized event’? and if it is an allegory; an allegory for what?

it is correct that a priest hypothesized the big bang (and he even derived it scientifically). but who says a priest can not do science? as long as you do not mix in religion or any other untestable superstition, there is nothing wrong with it. many great scientists (especially in earlier centuries) where religious. not sure where you are heading at. care to explain?

your understanding of religion is base, your failure to conduct any meaningful dialogue with religious people before making such base claims is obvious, and you should feel bad about it. Honestly for someone who champions empirical evidence you don't seem overly fond of conducting actual research. —signed a devout Christian who believes in the big bang (which was originally hypothesized by a Catholic priest), evolution, and God

what are you actually trying to achieve here? coming to my page, just throwing random accusations at me with no argument whatsoever to back them up… if you want a serious discussion, please come up with a real argument and make a point that we can discuss. e.g. since you chose to believe in the christian god out of thousands of gods that humanity brought up, by definition your belief in that god is based on the bible. independently of which version of the bible you chose to be the right one, your god is not compatible with the fact of evolution. so either you ignore quite central parts of the bible (like genesis and exodus) or you accept that your god had it all wrong or you need to explain to me how “it is all just a metaphor” (and good luck with that). thanks

As a devout Christian, it's not impossible to believe in science along with the Bible. For example, I believe that Genesis was largely an allegorical work and will happily intellectually curb-stomp 'young-earthers' and 'literalists' who don't believe in evolution but somehow think the world came to exist in 6 days. I personally believe that Noah's Flood was probably a localized event around the Mediterranean

thanks for your message. i feel, i have already answered science vs. religion in this post, so let me tailor the rest of my answer as follows:

allegories in the bible
a classical cop-out for religious people; if science disproves something in the bible, suddenly it becomes a metapher

  • who decides what is an allegory and what not? 
  • why is the concept of ‘god’ not just an allegory?
  • maybe that book was never anything else than stories and allegories?
  • so aren’t you just left with cherry picking what you like?

glad you accept the fact of evolution, but from a christian perspective it should make you think, as it leaves you with the following issue:

  • evolution is a fact
  • evolution contradicts the story of adam & eve
  • without adam & eve there was no original sin
  • and this makes the jesus-died-for-our-sins-story pretty unnecessary.

noah’s ark
be honest, you never read that story. i am quite sure once you read it, chances are high that you say it is an allegory, too:

  • the bible states quite eplicit that earth was flooded (Genesis 7:19-20)
  • noah landed on mountain ararat, that is not even close to the mediterranean
  • ararat is more than 5000 meter high
  • there is no science to explain the flood as ‘localized event around the mediterranean’
  • there is also no science to explain the story as written in the bible

Hi fellow atheists, i hope y'all are having a wonderful time on these last days of 2018! Happy Holiday!

thank you, anon. likewise, to all out there reading this: stay rational, use logic, demand evidence, so together we can make this a better world. all the best for 2019!

Hi, I wanna really quickly talk about your post referring to the dark ages. First of all, the corrupt leaders during the dark ages are an absolute embarrassment and everyone should be smart enough to not let them be the poster children of Christianity. Any true Christian denounces their actions because those actions were disgusting. The best anyone can do is live and learn so maybe keep I mind that absolute power corrupts absolutely// maybe have a healthy level of skepticism about leaders.

glad you also reject what christianity has done during the dark ages.

i also agree that obedience to authority is in itself very questionable.

since the beginning of christianity, christians have murdered innocents (crusades, witchhunts, spanish inquisition, etc), oppressed women according to their holy scipture the bible, the catholic church is stil fucking young children and getting away with it, christianity is still oppressing gay people, etc

so tell me: what is “true christianity”? who decides that?

and therein lies the problem: belief, as silly, ridiculous, violent, murderous as it is, does not allow verification, so noone can disprove it and therefore a believer can always claim his belief is the right one. the result i described with examples above

…leaders are human after all and are imperfect and can be led astray. Second of all, “now they whine when we call their religion silly” okay… When people are not disingenuous God can be a wonderfully helpful resource for people. This means that when atheists come at them with disruptive notions (for their own personal reasons) it typically does more harm than good. Maybe it’s better to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs and not impugn anyone?

again, please provide examples of “personal reasons”… you really think atheist have just personal reasons? please read my blog: clearly, what atheists are pointing at, is all the harm and cruelties that have been and still are being done by religion. and we will keep doing it as long as the harm persists.

an no, it is not better to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs: are you respectful towards:
– child marriages as part of religious belief in some islamic countries?
– death penalty for apostates in islam?
– the kkk?
– gays being the reason that the christian god sends hurricanes?
– the national socialistic belief that all jews should be killed?

i could go on forever, but i hope you get the point. be sincere; what you truly meant was: “everyone should respect my belief”, didn’t you?

If you exploit your power as an athleist in any sort of situation even if it’s individual to individual this makes you no better than those corrupt Christian leaders. Thank you so much for reading!

hi there. could you give me an example of “exploit your power as an atheist”? i could give you lots of examples for religion exploiting its power, but i have a hard time to think of what has been done in the name of the absence of a god… thanks