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Hi, I was on the #prayer tag and I saw one of …

Hi, I was on the #prayer tag and I saw one of the things you posted and I was hoping that you were willing to have a conversation albeit one sided about it? First I want to tell you that I’m in the middle of recovering from a deep spiritual crisis at the moment. It’s been recommended to me by my therapist that I pray as there’s been research to suggest that it helps and it has helped me a lot. Research also suggests that prayer for others is helpful too although no one can exactly explain why.

without knowing
what your “deep spiritual crisis” actually was, but for me it pretty much
sounds that you were back on the right track, probably questioning things of
your belief that just don’t make sense. you were about to reactivate critical
thinking, giving logic and reason a chance again…?

really sad
to hear you got a “therapist” (who most probably and miraculously has the same
belief system) that drags you back down in the swamp. but that’s how religious memes unfortunately
work; if anyone tries to get out of line, corrective action is immediately administered.

why don’t
you tell your “therapist”, just to test him, that you started praying to satan
and see how he reacts? or zeus? or huitzilopochtli, the aztec god of sun and
war? after all, if prayer really has some effect it should work with all gods,

I just needed you to know that prayer (no matt…

I just needed you to know that prayer (no matter what it’s doing) when it’s sincere it is helpful. If a person offers to pray for you that is an extraordinarily kind gesture. It is going to the highest power they know to potentially help you in ways they can’t. Therefore, I don’t think this should be dismissed so carelessly. In addition, when I pray (perhaps even for myself) I am processing my emotions better, becoming more self aware of stuff, and it is helping me live a healthier life.

did you notice how your post is only about how prayer benefits the one praying? at the same time the
one being prayed for, who is not getting any actual help, is not considered at all

oh, no, wait, not true: he damn better be grateful and “should not dismiss
it so carelessly”…

and you don’t
see anything one-sided, selfish and hypocritical in this picture?

I assume that you are atheist and I don’…

I assume that you are atheist and I don’t know anything about your spiritual journey. But due to the fact that you have an entire tumblr account dedicated to “curing delusions” I can only assume that there’s a lot of emotions that you need to work out. If you are angry at God or ppl you know that believe in him, I hope that you heal this anger. And if you wish to, I hope you have the courage to go back to him. if this happens I hope you’re rewarded for it. Thanks for listening. Have a good day!

you assume correctly, i am an atheist 😉 but no, i am in total balance with my emotions and a really happy person. i am just against hateful ideologies that oppress and persecute others that do not think alike.

not sure what your concern is. maybe that i burn in hell if i do not base my whole life on a deity that there is no evidence for?

and to which god do you want me “to go back” (i was born atheist like you but remained it since)? now, since you refer to “god” in singular i assume you chose to believe in a monotheism. what if you have chosen the wrong god of about 4000 gods?

ever noticed how most religions have thought up drastic punishments if you do not follow their god? have you taken the burden to read through all religious scriptures to find out which god is the right one or did you just conveniently take on the belief of the culture you were raised in?

i mean you base your whole life on this, so it better be a well elaborated decision. imagine e.g. a person believes in the christian god and never even read through the bible! now that would be crazy, right?

“Nice Atheism” is no longer going …

“Nice Atheism” is no longer going to work.

well, i think it is important to distinguish between people and ideologies. i refuse to respect hateful ideologies like most religions, so no “nice atheism” there. but as a default i’d say i am nice to people unless they are not nice to me 🙂

Seeing a blog like you is so refreshing. Like …

Seeing a blog like you is so refreshing. Like I always feel alone when it comes to my atheism and sometimes I feel suffocated but people hurling religion at me. So it’s amazing to see a blog that is shamelessly atheist. Hopefully one day we won’t have to defend our ideas tooth and nail from idiots

many thanks for your kind words, my friend! remember, you are not alone. atheists are growing in numbers rapidly in many secular countries; as science spreads, the irrationalities of superstition are exposed and debunked. i myself have learned so much since i have started this blog. as thomas paine said: “the mind once enlightened cannot again become dark”

Let's say I tried to talk. Not gonna both…

Let's say I tried to talk. Not gonna bother you again as I can see we're not getting anywhere with that kind of attitude – as they say, a leopard can't change it's spots. Farewell and have a nice day 🙂

actually no, you never wanted to engage in a discussion, that is why i was being sarcastic in my answer. you just tried to dump your belief on my blog:

1st post:
you said it is easy to refute science and god don’t go together. you did not provide any argumentation, instead you mocked atheists that make this statement. my answer to you did logically derive why a) the existence of a god is unlikely and b) answered your question why science and god don’t go together

2nd post:
you did not react to anything i answered in your 1st post, avoiding any real discussion on the question i proved you wrong. instead you suggested i should read some christian fiction stating the bible “is a valid and reliable source of information”. my sarcastic answer was maybe not nice but still straight to the point disproving you once again

3rd post (this one):
although it was you who started mocking me in your first post, you now try to hide behind “I can see we’re not getting anywhere with that kind of attitude“ to hide your own incompetency of defending your standpoint and, once again, not reacting to any of my arguments in my 2nd answer.

well then, have a nice day, too, little leopard

Okay, what about the Bible then? If one can pr…

Okay, what about the Bible then? If one can prove that Bible is a valid and reliable source of information then there is your scientific proof that God exists. Josh McDowell (and others) have already done that – I'd really like to recommend you the book "More than a carpenter". Whether you read it or not – it's your choice. But I can assure you that it's worth your time.

hey, maybe you are right, i mean the bible is a great source

  • to look up how many shekels you can demand from the rapist of your daughter (tip: don’t bargain, 50 shekels is more than enough) deuteronomy 22:28-29

  • to check the maximum age god has set for humans (damn non-christian japanese just won’t stick to god’s 120 years rule) genesis 6:3
  • to tell mathematicians they really have the wrong number for π (3 is so much easier to handle than the stupid irrational number) 1 kings 23
  • to intervene when a woman gets nominated to be your boss at work (strangely did not work for me and i got fired. heathens!) 1 timothy 2:12
  • to explain to the police why throwing rocks at your non-virgin fiance is alright with god (after all, god’s law is higher than human made laws) deuteronomy 22:20-21
  • to kill everyone who does not agree with your religious world view that jesus is king (violence is surely the easiest way make poeple understand that jesus loves them) luke 16:27
  • to lecture biologists about their stupidity that a bat is not classified as a bird (if it fly, it be bird, hua!) leviticus 13-19
  • to learn that heathen traditions should be forbidden (nonono! christians are not decorating a tree for christmas, they grow like this in the forest!) jeremiah 10:2-4
  • when you do not know how to handle your kids when they are mouthing off to you (spoiler: killing them is the best option so that they shut up) matthew 15:4
  • to check if you can kill your friend if he rather would want to work on a sabbath instead of hanging out with you (i mean how else would he learn) exodus 35:2
  • to debunk evolution in terms of how animals like zebras got their stripes (why did jacob not make all american stars and stripes ponies? hmm) genesis 30:37-39

guess what: the more i read the bible, the more i realize that the list for accurate biblical guidance is almost endless! thanks for showing me the right path to christianity

ps: i found this website that claims to list up all the nonsense in the bible, which is pure blasphemy. whether you read it or not – it’s your choice. but I can assure you that it’s worth your time

I admit some of the questions raised in your p…

I admit some of the questions raised in your posts are worth thinking over, both for Christians and atheists. But most of them are just provocations that could be easily refuted, like all the ones suggesting that science and God exclude each other. I love how atheists think they can "enlighten" those poor people who still believe.

well, science and god do not exclude each other only in the sense that no one can disprove a non-testable “god” hypothesis. but there is also no need to disprove something that has never been proven (”i feel god in my heart” is not a valid proof)

on another page: science and the giant, gods-killing superomnipotent invisible squirrel also do not exclude each other. what you probably don’t know is that the giant, gods-killing superomnipotent invisible squirrel has already killed all gods, including yours. so unless you can disprove the giant, gods-killing superomnipotent invisible squirrel, your god does not exist. even if you can prove it does not exist, the same proof will be applicable to your god.

yes, logic can be a bitch, it even kills gods, sorry

that aside, let’s look at the options for a believer:

option one:
geology, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. have disproven scripture numerous times. trying to stick to both, science and religion, will leave you with a huge amount of cognitive dissonance. therefore mostly fundamental believers then just go into ignorance mode and state that science is wrong.

option two:
usually the choice of moderate believers is to flee in the god-of-the-gaps mode. they accept that there are scientific facts and ignore their “holy” scripture for that part. so they shift what they call god in the gaps where science has not yet disproven their belief.

scientific evidence contradicts religious claims. reality can be harsh but will not rearrange itself for the believer. you can choose between fairy tales and reality, but you can’t have both.

Because of the insistence of virginity before …

Because of the insistence of virginity before marriage, the custom used to be that new husbands would show off the bloodied sheets to family and friends after the couples’ wedding night to prove his wife was a virgin. But because a hymen can break from several different reasons women who feared they might not bleed would gouge their thighs with their nails so they would bloody the sheets and not be shunned or killed. Scary

horrifying indeed. the question is, where does this systematic oppression of women in almost every religion come from? those writers of the “holy” scriptures must have been somewhat insecure and weak characters, that they feared their women would seek sexual pleasures elsewhere. so they invented ridiculous laws justified by their fictional gods to keep the control in spite of their sexual impotence.

conclusion: the basis for religion are limp-dicked prophets!

(hahaha, sorry, not really a scientific analysis)

Hey for the post about Lono, how low do you ha…

Hey for the post about Lono, how low do you have to be to use other religions to shit on people? It's fucked up that you think using other people's gods to attack other people is so shallow. "But Christians do it", yeah and? Just because one group does it doesn't mean you can start attacking people for having the "wrong" beliefs.

i guess you refer to the post where it says: “how do you feel about the polynesian god lono? – that’s how i feel about your god”

read it again and maybe then you realise that all there is in this post is a neutral question with a neutral answer.

so why did you loose your shit about it?

maybe because you do not believe that lono is real. and if lono is not real, someone is questioning your god with this post.

so without knowing you have actually shown the exact reaction the post is intended to provoke, only that your brain went into outrage-mode instead of thinking it through to what it implies.

what makes your god different from any other god? in how many gods do you not believe in? never wondered why you do not believe in them? if you are able to give yourself the answers to why the other gods aren’t real, maybe you will understand why your answers will apply to your god, too.

so go on, think it through to the end, it might enlighten your world.