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October 3, 1992:  Sinead O’Connor appeared on Saturday Night Live singing an  acapella cover of Bob Marley’s song “War”, changing some of the lyrics to include references to child abuse, and ending the performance by tearing up a photo of Pope John Paull II and saying “fight the real enemy”.

This ruined her career and she was telling the truth, as we all came to find out years later.



Common Creationist Misconceptions No. 73-80.



Common Creationist Misconceptions No. 57-64.



Common Creationist Misconceptions No. 65-72.



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Let’s be real. Women were made for men b…

Let’s be real. Women were made for men but not in the way you think. Men could not do life alone so God created woman to be his partner. When it said not to covet your neighbors wife, that’s not a bad thing. A man should not fall in love with another man’s wife. Hebrew men had rules on how to treat their wives. They were supposed to love, support, and protect them. When it says all wickedness is big little to a woman’s. It’s speaking on how Eve did sin first which caused all of this.

Let’s be real. You have the reasoning skills of a dog chewing on
its own ass. How you could read
that post
and still claim that women are treated well is
beyond me. But fuck it, let me try to make this even clearer for you.

What you’re talking about is called Natural Order Morality. It is the idea that there a natural order to the world and it is that God rules over man, man rules over women, parents rule over children, and humans rule over animals. This claims that men have authority over women is based on this chain. But the idea is complete nonsense and I’ll show you why.

Circular Reasoning 101

Natural Order Morality rests completely on the existence and authority of God.

*The Bible is what claims God exists.

*In the Bible it says men rule over women.

*The Bible says men ruling over women is based on God, when it is the source of God’s claimed existence.

So God comes from the Bible and men’s authority in the Bible comes from God. That’s what’s called circular reasoning, because the claim tries to be it’s own proof.

Old Testament Marriage

Yes, the old testament has some nice things to say about marriage.
It tells you to love your wife, cherish her, and to make her happy.
That’s all well and good and I’m sure it’s very popular in
Sunday school, but those ideas are completely eclipsed by the darker
passages that show the reality of women’s position in society then.

If a girl is very lucky she would have a loving father that would
allow her to choose a young man she loves. Sure, this
happened. However, men had the power to buy and sell women like
common chattel. As it states in
21: 7-11
, a father can sell his daughter as a slave (the
depraved morality of this should be obvious). The man that buys her
can marry her or give her to his son, like a brand new donkey. I dare you to try to sell a woman in your family and see how much they think you love them. In western countries you can spend decades in prison for this and people do.

Women could also end up getting married to their rapists. According
to Deuteronomy
if a man rapes a woman and he is “caught” then
his “punishment” is that he must marry her and pays her father
50 shekels and he cannot divorce her. But that’s not a punishment
because a man has complete authority and control over his wife.
Marriage was legal slavery. Imagine that. If there’s a young hot piece of ass I want to be mine I can just rape and pay the shekels to marry her and then continue raping her for life.

Women had to be virgin’s by law before marriage. If a man
marries a woman and he feels that she is not a virgin, they basically
go to trial and use primitive methods to determine if she’s a
virgin. If they decide she is not, then she can be stoned to death
for being a whore ( Deuteronomy
). That’s true love and protection right there.

Women could only divorce men if they could prove that he did not
provide for her basic needs. (Good luck) However, a man could simply write a
divorce certificate and send the woman packing ( Deuteronomy
). Men could also take another female slave/wife at any
time and the 1st wife’s agreement is not required. So you could rape a woman and marry her, but not be allowed to divorce her. But if you don’t like her then just get a new wife.

If a man died and did not have any sons, the widow can be taken by
the man’s brother to be his wife and give him children (
). Again, women were more often seen as breeding chattel then as loving, equal, partners. The woman doesn’t have the right to reject the brother. Today we call any situation like this sexual slavery.

Let’s be real. For every positive passage about love or
cherishing your wife there are five more demanding that a woman be a
slave to men and solidifying the fact that they have no freedom. The idea of a loving marriage is a farce when there is no freedom involved. Morality from religion is a fucking joke.  



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Oh they’re going to need salvation.

Not just making it illegal, but making being gay punishable with death.

This is one of the many reasons why I walk by every single red bucket in the run-up to Christmas. They’re not getting my money, I don’t care how nice the people ringing bells are.

Ever since the time they threatened to close all their soup kitchens in NYC if a law that did something as simple as allow companies to extend spousal benefits to their employee’s same-sex domestic partners I have refused to buy from them or donate to them. 

It’s that time of year again! In case people don’t know… the Salvation Army is shitty peoples.

Also, the married women are not paid (and therefore can’t qualify for assistance if they should ever divorce, etc). And worth “of course” less than a man.

In the Army’s case, the agreement for compensation is that the officer allowance be paid jointly to the husband—the check is written in his name. Officially, the wife is a “worker without expectation of remuneration,” and her husband receives 40 percent more of an allowance as a married man than he would as a single man.




The bible says zombies are real.