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I respect others beliefs (or non-beliefs) and yet I come across someone like you who is full of negativity and hate. Do you not think blaming just religion is a little narrow minded and makes you your own enemy? Maybe if everyone learned to respect each others opinions and views instead of shoving your own down their throats with a 'I'm right you're wrong' attitude, be it religious or atheist the world would be a better place.

well first of all, i am right and you are wrong… hahah, just kidding 😀

but really, i appreciate your honest question, thank you for posting. let me try to give you my view on this.

the accurate translation for “we need to respect everyone’s belief” is usually “i don’t have anything to back up my belief, but i have taken a step towards you by saying it, so now i demand respect for my belief”.

do you respect my opinion that my blog is a good thing? obviously not, or at least not enough to just let it slip and send me this message that my blog is not to your liking.

do i have to respect white supremacists belief that all black people are inferior? do i have to respect child marriages based on religous belief? do i have to respect death penalty for apostasy in islam? do i have to respect christians telling me i am going to hell for eternity?

do you? i don’t think so…

respecting everyone’s belief is an absolutism which in itself is impossible when it comes to contradictory topics. e.g., you can’t have my respect for being an intelligent human being and at the same time telling me to respect your belief in talking snakes; either i respect your intellect or your belief, you simply can’t have both.

at the same time, and this is important, i would anywhere, anytime defend your right to articulate your own view, thoughts, opinions, ideas and beliefs, but you absolutely can’t demand a right that these automatically deserve respect.

ridiculous beliefs deserve ridicule, fraudulent believes deserve to be exposed, harmful beliefs need to be mocked and opposed.

respect is not something you can demand, respect is something to be earned. e.g. you can support a claim with a logically deducted argument, backed up by examples, maybe even data, in the best case tested and peer reviewed data. as carl sagan said: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

as a conclusion, respecting everyone’s belief is a) not possible and b) will not make this world a better place. karl popper’s “paradox of tolerance” sums it up quite nicely: in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance. therefore it is our duty to challenge, to mock and to condemn harmful beliefs.

in the name of the higgs boson, the gravitational constant and the flying spaghetti monster, i command you to kill all polygons!