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Hi, I wanna really quickly talk about your post referring to the dark ages. First of all, the corrupt leaders during the dark ages are an absolute embarrassment and everyone should be smart enough to not let them be the poster children of Christianity. Any true Christian denounces their actions because those actions were disgusting. The best anyone can do is live and learn so maybe keep I mind that absolute power corrupts absolutely// maybe have a healthy level of skepticism about leaders.

glad you also reject what christianity has done during the dark ages.

i also agree that obedience to authority is in itself very questionable.

since the beginning of christianity, christians have murdered innocents (crusades, witchhunts, spanish inquisition, etc), oppressed women according to their holy scipture the bible, the catholic church is stil fucking young children and getting away with it, christianity is still oppressing gay people, etc

so tell me: what is “true christianity”? who decides that?

and therein lies the problem: belief, as silly, ridiculous, violent, murderous as it is, does not allow verification, so noone can disprove it and therefore a believer can always claim his belief is the right one. the result i described with examples above



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