…leaders are human after all and are imperfe…

…leaders are human after all and are imperfect and can be led astray. Second of all, “now they whine when we call their religion silly” okay… When people are not disingenuous God can be a wonderfully helpful resource for people. This means that when atheists come at them with disruptive notions (for their own personal reasons) it typically does more harm than good. Maybe it’s better to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs and not impugn anyone?

again, please provide examples of “personal reasons”… you really think atheist have just personal reasons? please read my blog: clearly, what atheists are pointing at, is all the harm and cruelties that have been and still are being done by religion. and we will keep doing it as long as the harm persists.

an no, it is not better to be respectful of everyone’s beliefs: are you respectful towards:
– child marriages as part of religious belief in some islamic countries?
– death penalty for apostates in islam?
– the kkk?
– gays being the reason that the christian god sends hurricanes?
– the national socialistic belief that all jews should be killed?

i could go on forever, but i hope you get the point. be sincere; what you truly meant was: “everyone should respect my belief”, didn’t you?