Over the years I have been dissapointed by pro…

Over the years I have been dissapointed by progressives attitude toward religion. About ten years ago or so athiesm was pretty common, and now it’s been replaced by Islam and woo religions. There are still plenty of athiests but they aren’t as respected. Just about every young progressive I’ve met was into some kind of woo whether it was tarot cards, homeopathy, flower essences, crystals or witchcraft. Oh and yeah the myth of “feminist Quran”. What happened?

hi there and thanks for your message 🙂

atheism is a
conclusion based on logic, evidence and facts. such a conclusion often comes with a high degree of understanding the scientific method (hypothesis, theory, empirical
research, falsification, etc.). it usually includes atarotcardism, ahomeopathism,
etc. for the lack of a better word.

on the other
side there is faith based religion, witchcraft, astrology, voodoo and other
superstitions, often in contradiction to scientific facts or not distinguishable
from random chance or a placebo effect. such concepts can then only be upheld
through ignorance, or simply result from illiteracy.

in a third
category there are oxymorons like “feminist quran” or “christian science”.

combining two things that are mutually exclusive to each other just shows these people do not have a clue what they are talking about.

the people
you mentioned are, imho, just trend followers, having not understood any of the
concepts they claim to follow. especially since atheism and scientific literacy
is closely related, going from atheism to religion is like having a university
degree, throwing it out of the window and go back to kindergarten and believe in magic.