What is “spirituality” and why do …

What is “spirituality” and why do so many people want it? Why do so many people aim for things like “a higher self”, “spiritual awakening”, “enlightenment”(in the woo sense) etc.?

i don’t think there is an accepted definition for spirituality, which adds to the mystic connotation of everything people call spiritual. it is convenient to have a non-defined word for it can have any meaning you want it to have.

“spiritual” people often use it to put themselves artificially above others since being “spiritual” makes them unique and oh so very special. it makes their weak ego feel better, there is really nothing more to it.

best thing to do is to call them out on their bullshit. when exposed they usually try a cop-out like “you just don’t understand”. then you can ask them to explain it so everyone can understand and painfully pin them down on it until they want to change the topic themselves to escape their awkard situation.