(2/2) Sorry, by ‘good content’ I m…

(2/2) Sorry, by ‘good content’ I meant like your one post about karl sagan and the spaceballs book of mormon thing. Everything else on your blog seems to suggest that you don’t understand most religions very well. For one you assume that the bible and the torah and other religious texts are taken literally. They’re purely metaphorical. Like aesop’s fables. Most people dont actually believe that stuff you know that right?

well, i am afraid your assumption about what i assume would have
required some more reading through my blog. to put it simply: you are wrong. religious
behavior can quite comprehensively be explained with psychological concepts
like avoiding cognitive dissonance. therefore religious people just start cherry picking. for illustration here a little flow chart
how it works:


but since you understand religion so well: you say that the bible
and the torah are purely metaphorical,
then logically that includes that genocidal main character of these books called
yahweh. and let me cite you: “most people don’t actually believe that stuff”.

although religious texts including its gods are purely metaphorical and people don’t
believe that crap anyways, could you please enlighten me why there is religion after
all? i have given my view on this, so would be cool if you share your wisdom with me.

thank you in advance