I’m glad you’re addessing athiests…

I’m glad you’re addessing athiests coming from Islam. Too often many try to make excuses making Islam look as good as possible, and worse these people often slam Christianity. They are blinded by politics to see Islam as a “better other” because they are attacked by many Christians, but none of that should absolve Islam and make it immune to critisism. All religious texts, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, occult, Confucianist, etc. should not be immune to criticism.

you pretty much nailed it 🙂 i know, my blog is focused on religion, but in the end, what you said is true for any ideology:

people have rights, ideologies don’t. especially harmful ideologies can and must be called out for criticism, mockery and satire.

ideologies making claims must back these up with evidence. the one making the claim bears the burden of proof.

it is ridiculous to demand respect for an ideology without presenting any evidence, trying to silence criticism. religion invented the expression “blasphemy” for this, often with threats of harsh punishment.

to believe without evidence is equal to committing intellectual suicide. basically you shut down your thinking and become a braindead believer.

criticism, questioning, demanding evidence accelerates the process to find out if a claim is true or false, it debunks scams and switches brains back on. it is what keeps the world progressing towards new knowledge and objective truths.