What do you think of people who do witchcraft/…

What do you think of people who do witchcraft/magick/astrology who say they are also biologists, psychologists, programmers, physicist, doctors, etc.? I know there is a Wicca activist who is a practicing psychologist.

partially answered in my answer to your last post: although studies clearly indicate that intelligent or better educated people are less likely to fall for superstitions, everyone got fears and wishes that can be very strong and blur our ability to rationally approach such topics.

psychologists for example learn in their studies all about neurophysics, psychopathological disorders like phobias, furthermore about biases, fallacies,


so it seems paradoxical because after all, they should know better. but just because they study something in theory does not mean they are immune against it in their everyday life. they are still human beings with wishes and fears. knowing that your arachnophobia is irrational does not make it go away, no matter how much insight you have and how clever you are. but it sure helps to tackle your problem and ask for help or take the right steps…

as for your friend: as long as nobody gets hurt or she does not incorporate her irrationalities into her work as a psychologist (which would be highly unprofessional and against the code of the APA or any other psychologist association i know), she can happily pursue her fantasy world, just like in RPG

just my opinion, hope i could help a little bit