I think one of the reasons MEMRI memes are so enjoyable to right-wingers is because it’s sort of a glance through the looking glass to a world where the overton window is so radically to the right of our normal experience that it’s surreal.

That plus the fact that the way they speak, hurling insults at each other, declaring their opponents infidels, defending without shame the likes of Saddam Hussein, getting into fist fights and hurling their shoes live on air, it’s refreshingly genuine compared to the media in the West.

Sure, Mossad made it so we’d see how savage Arabs are “in their own words,” but everything they say is just so outlandish that we’re almost forced to accept everything they say on their own terms, and that’s if the more reactionary among us don’t find what they’re saying to be honestly pretty agreeable.

Nah man. They’re just blunt refutations of the “all muslims are saints” bollocks that you get spammed with from the Guardian and the BBC. They’re fucking helpful for explaining to normies just why Islam isn’t like any other religion on Earth and shouldn’t be treated like a weird funny fad. It’s fucking dangerous and Memri highlights that.

If anything Memri DOES treat it like a weird, funny  fad.

You realise that while this is funny to us these people are entirely serious right? 

Who says I don’t take it seriously, too?