Let's say I tried to talk. Not gonna both…

Let's say I tried to talk. Not gonna bother you again as I can see we're not getting anywhere with that kind of attitude – as they say, a leopard can't change it's spots. Farewell and have a nice day 🙂

actually no, you never wanted to engage in a discussion, that is why i was being sarcastic in my answer. you just tried to dump your belief on my blog:

1st post:
you said it is easy to refute science and god don’t go together. you did not provide any argumentation, instead you mocked atheists that make this statement. my answer to you did logically derive why a) the existence of a god is unlikely and b) answered your question why science and god don’t go together

2nd post:
you did not react to anything i answered in your 1st post, avoiding any real discussion on the question i proved you wrong. instead you suggested i should read some christian fiction stating the bible “is a valid and reliable source of information”. my sarcastic answer was maybe not nice but still straight to the point disproving you once again

3rd post (this one):
although it was you who started mocking me in your first post, you now try to hide behind “I can see we’re not getting anywhere with that kind of attitude“ to hide your own incompetency of defending your standpoint and, once again, not reacting to any of my arguments in my 2nd answer.

well then, have a nice day, too, little leopard