Okay, what about the Bible then? If one can pr…

Okay, what about the Bible then? If one can prove that Bible is a valid and reliable source of information then there is your scientific proof that God exists. Josh McDowell (and others) have already done that – I'd really like to recommend you the book "More than a carpenter". Whether you read it or not – it's your choice. But I can assure you that it's worth your time.

hey, maybe you are right, i mean the bible is a great source

  • to look up how many shekels you can demand from the rapist of your daughter (tip: don’t bargain, 50 shekels is more than enough) deuteronomy 22:28-29

  • to check the maximum age god has set for humans (damn non-christian japanese just won’t stick to god’s 120 years rule) genesis 6:3
  • to tell mathematicians they really have the wrong number for π (3 is so much easier to handle than the stupid irrational number) 1 kings 23
  • to intervene when a woman gets nominated to be your boss at work (strangely did not work for me and i got fired. heathens!) 1 timothy 2:12
  • to explain to the police why throwing rocks at your non-virgin fiance is alright with god (after all, god’s law is higher than human made laws) deuteronomy 22:20-21
  • to kill everyone who does not agree with your religious world view that jesus is king (violence is surely the easiest way make poeple understand that jesus loves them) luke 16:27
  • to lecture biologists about their stupidity that a bat is not classified as a bird (if it fly, it be bird, hua!) leviticus 13-19
  • to learn that heathen traditions should be forbidden (nonono! christians are not decorating a tree for christmas, they grow like this in the forest!) jeremiah 10:2-4
  • when you do not know how to handle your kids when they are mouthing off to you (spoiler: killing them is the best option so that they shut up) matthew 15:4
  • to check if you can kill your friend if he rather would want to work on a sabbath instead of hanging out with you (i mean how else would he learn) exodus 35:2
  • to debunk evolution in terms of how animals like zebras got their stripes (why did jacob not make all american stars and stripes ponies? hmm) genesis 30:37-39

guess what: the more i read the bible, the more i realize that the list for accurate biblical guidance is almost endless! thanks for showing me the right path to christianity

ps: i found this website that claims to list up all the nonsense in the bible, which is pure blasphemy. whether you read it or not – it’s your choice. but I can assure you that it’s worth your time