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Happy 88th Birthday David Attenborough b. 8th May 1926

The remote and lonely beach where I first saw a Komodo dragon, ten feet long, stalking imperiously across the sand, now receives several boatloads of visitors every day. The tropical swamps in northern Australia filled with magpie geese are now part of a national park and queues of visitors file into the caves to see the ancient rock paintings that I was lucky enought to photograph for the first time.

From the seventies onwards, the films had reasonable technical competence. As I look at them now, lined up on a shelf, I like to think that they give a fair and comprehensive picture of how the natural world was and how human beings viewed it during the second half of the twentieth century. Maybe in another fifty years they will be valued as records of some species that have by then disappeared. I hope not.

But I did not make them because I had premonitions of impending eco-disaster. I did so because I know of no pleasure deeper than that which comes from contemplating the natural world and trying to understand it.

– David Attenborough, Life on Air, 1997