Hey for the post about Lono, how low do you ha…

Hey for the post about Lono, how low do you have to be to use other religions to shit on people? It's fucked up that you think using other people's gods to attack other people is so shallow. "But Christians do it", yeah and? Just because one group does it doesn't mean you can start attacking people for having the "wrong" beliefs.

i guess you refer to the post where it says: “how do you feel about the polynesian god lono? – that’s how i feel about your god”

read it again and maybe then you realise that all there is in this post is a neutral question with a neutral answer.

so why did you loose your shit about it?

maybe because you do not believe that lono is real. and if lono is not real, someone is questioning your god with this post.

so without knowing you have actually shown the exact reaction the post is intended to provoke, only that your brain went into outrage-mode instead of thinking it through to what it implies.

what makes your god different from any other god? in how many gods do you not believe in? never wondered why you do not believe in them? if you are able to give yourself the answers to why the other gods aren’t real, maybe you will understand why your answers will apply to your god, too.

so go on, think it through to the end, it might enlighten your world.