Can't we have theism and religion AND edu…

Can't we have theism and religion AND education, reason, and free and critical thinking and science?

This is a great question. Thank you for asking.

To be clear, we do have all of these things. I think what you may have been trying to ask was whether they can exist in harmony instead of being in opposition. 

Bottom line, no.

Let’s look at an obvious example. The Bible (as well as many other religions) gives an account of how the Earth was formed. In no way, shape, or form does it match with scientific evidence. The proof we have in front of our eyes in radically different than the story in the Bible. That story has zero proof.

Take the idea of Karma for example. There is not a molecule of evidence to suggest that any such force or system exists. It goes against the definition of reason to believe in such things.

Once the scientific method was developed it changed the very nature of how we discuss, debate, investigate, and live. There is an unspoken rule to truth: Put up or shut up, prove it or drop it, see for yourself. No amount of passionate insistence or vows of honesty can ever alter reality or overturn undeniable evidence.

Education is the act of passing along what is known, not what is wished. It is teaching the absolute best methods of discovery along with strict adherence to reason. To allow unfounded claims of faith and myth into the realm of education is to lie and deceive. We cannot accept claims indistinguishable from fantasy to be legitimized along with hard evidence.

For the simple fact that both deism and religion completely lack any hard evidence, and indeed all evidence we have is in opposition to their claims, reason and science can never be in harmony with religion.

Reality is persistent and unforgiving. Like the harsh truth that children will never be sprinkled with fairy dust and fly among the stars, gods, angels, saints, and miracles will never suddenly become real.

Thanks for your question. Feel free to send more.