Question: Why do you hate Christians, Jewish p…

Question: Why do you hate Christians, Jewish people, Muslim people, and pretty much anyone who is not like you? Are you just some racist who likes to hide behind atheism?

playing the racism card is such a tiresome and old attempt to silence atheism. interestingly to know that there are still poeple who

a) think that a religious group is a race and
b) can still not distinguish between criticism of their ideology vs. being attacked as a person

i actually like to think that this is kind of a panic reaction when bigoted people feel their ideology is being questioned and they are too scared to expose themselves to a real discussion

well, anon, you did not really have a question to ask, right? in fact, you just wanted to dump your suggestive accusation, behaving exactly like the person you are accusing me to be: spreading hate on people that do not share your belief system.

so, nice try, better luck next time. make sure you look into a mirror until then.