My dear Sir, I respect you and your individual…

My dear Sir, I respect you and your individuality. But don't you think that in many cases that relegion have helped people to do good things. For eg Hinduism says to be a veggie didn't that save many organisms. Christ says to love your neighbor, isn't that good. There are illogical philosophies but an Orthodox follower will always take the good things of a relegion and excludes the bad. I'm not compelling you to change your attitude towards relegion but please don't hurt the feelings of others

hi there, thanks for your question. and i can assure you i equally respect you as a person, bringing forward your question in a very polite way.

my blog is not about hurting the feelings of believers, in fact it is about the freedom of thought that any ideology can and should be questioned and challenged. one can not just highlight the good stuff of religion; one has to account for the bad stuff too.

to cherry-pick just the parts in scripture that can be safely assumed to be compatible with modern society and regarded as ‘good’, isn’t that hypocritical? shouldn’t then religious people admit that the parts they choose to ignore about slavery, killing, etc. are the parts where their god(s) failed miserably? unfortunately, since their whole fabricated world would crumble, they need to stick to these verses as being part of their scripture.

now who gets to decide what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’? ask any believer and most likely there is a strong tendency that whatever he/she cherry-picks to be true will be considered as the right way to live (e.g. almost a third of all muslims believe that death penalty for apostasy is an appropriate punishment).

people cherry-picking which parts of their ‘holy’ scriptures they like to follow and which not left a trail of bloodshed throughout history. depicting religion as peaceful did/does not help those slaughtered in the many religious wars, those burned at the stake, those tortured in the name of god, those killed by trying to leave religion, those persecuted for being gay, those oppressed for being born as a woman, those many children abused by pedophile priests, etc.

mirroring back what religion has done and still does to the world, i understand, is not to everyone’s liking, especially not to religious people who shut their eyes to all the negative facts. nevertheless, i will use my right to question religious ideologies going forward.