Grew up and was raised Christian. Left all tha…

Grew up and was raised Christian. Left all that about 3 years ago. I still sometimes have the feeling like I'm going to go to hell.. when does that kind of guilt go away? It's faded a lot but I don't know sometimes it still eats at me. Thanks in advance.

short answer:

time heals all wounds, even the scars from religious indoctrination. keep thinking rational, question your feelings with logic, demand evidence whenever possible. hell is an invented concept to control the behavior of people that fall for it. be yourself, have a mind of your own, be an individual and not a sheep of the herd.

long answer:

your brain has been conditioned to react with fear and guilt to a fabricated concept of an all-knowing, all-seeing controller. now, conditioning per se is not a bad thing; in fact, it is the way all learnt behavior is memorized in our brains. learning is dependent on feedback; how strong and how fast determines the learning effect. usually this feedback is evidently linked to the stimulus (e.g. a child touching a hot stove -> strong and fast feedback). in the case of invented fairy tales to be believed, the feedback is substituted with indirect feedback, not necessarily linked to the stimulus. e.g. the emotions you experienced when your parents told you about hell since they themselves sincerely believed in it; you adapted their fear of hell since your parents were in many other things a trustful source of knowledge. at some point we start to explore the world on our own, we realize our parents did not get everything right or that we have different opinions. still, what has been installed in childhood is difficult to recondition, but not impossible. be aware of what you have learnt but never questioned. make up your own mind, test your own hypotheses, create your own data and draw your own conclusions. that way, i am sure, your hell will slowly fade into the ridiculous fairy tale it really is.

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” – Christipher Hitchens