For 1 they are NOT your schools they are publi…

For 1 they are NOT your schools they are public schools for 2 it is NOT your government it is the country's government and for YOUR LIFE stay the fuck inside if you don't like the Lord we all have the freedom of speech and the RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT Dumbass

aawwww… now look at that little anon troll, isn’t he cute? taking his clumsy first baby steps in that big bad world of coherent argumentation:

“no, i don’t need to give any hints to the post i am referring to *stomping*! and i am sure using capitals will surely make me seem more scary and underpinning the point i am not making *double stomping*. ad hominem is the only thing i know, and i am sure insulting people always works to change their minds *stomping until foot breaks*!”

run along now, little rascal. you tried, and failed in articulating yourself. if you come back and are able to actually write something that could be considered a rational thought, i might give you an honest anwer.